Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi guys!!! Hope y'all are all doing well today! I have been so out of it lately...I haven't been keeping up with anything! Cleaning, blogging, emails, Twitter...etc. Do y'all ever get like that?! I've just been so lazy!! We have been having serious issues at work recently too. Our office manager has just up and quit coming in. She tells us that she is on her way and she never shows up. It's the strangest thing in the world. We are weeks behind on paperwork and payroll but I figured it out (somewhat) this morning and made it work. I guess the best way to learn things is under pressure right? Anyway, in case you didn't notice yet, I added a 'Like' box to my sidebar for my Cupcake Facebook Page! It's nowhere near done but I have some cupcake photos on there so take a look and if you like it...'Like' it! :D

Last weekend I attended the SHE event at my church. If you haven't heard of it, it's an event for women of all ages. Rebecca St. James, her brothers and Evie all sing inspirational songs. Rebecca and Evie talk from their heart about issues facing women in the world today. There is also a question and answer portion and they had some really great things to say. Here's what had to say about Rebecca:

A multiple Dove Award winner as well as a winner of America’s most prestigious musical Award—the Grammy®—Australian born REBECCA ST. JAMES has throughout the late ‘90’s until present been considered to be a major defining female voice in contemporary Christian Music.

Here is what it says about the SHE event:

A “SHE” event is a gathering in a unique “cross generational” community of women of all ages who feel called to be “their best” for God. We celebrate the beauty of womanhood in every season—from pre-teen to maturity—being ‘safe, healthy and empowered’ means finding freedom in becoming the kind of woman God intended us to be.
How often do we get to sit down with women of all ages and life experiences—and really get to the “heart” of things on issues that matter in our life? Not often! The “SHE” event provides this kind of embracing setting—with Rebecca and Evie leading us in a straight talk, from the heart, commentary on living life as a Proverbs 31 woman in a where- the-rubber-meets-the road 21st century world.
We’ll talk about the things we care about from purpose and security in God, to mentoring, to communicating more effectively with each other—whether teen to parent, or friend to friend—SHE is a place to come to network new knowledge and inspiration. Rebecca and Evie set their lives and their music before us to share God’s grace, His love—and His passion to reach us with biblical principals that speak to our heart on how special He created “woman” to be.
Whether you come to take notes, or just to take heart—a SHE conference is a place to come meet “the girls” of every age who want to learn to sit at the feet of Jesus and regain the real beauty of womanhood that the world has tried to take away.
A SHE event is open—and encouraging—whether you’re 8 or 80—to celebrate being a SHE woman—safe, healthy, and empowered in God.

Click here to learn more about it or see if the event is coming to your area soon!! You will leave there feeling like you just had a great, inspirational conversation with a group of friends. It gave me the get up and go that I've been needing for my spiritual growth lately. It had taken a backseat due to the other things going on in my life and this event really helped me to remember that God should always be first in our lives.
I bought Rebecca's first book titled SHE. She has a few other books out including some devotionals. After the concert she was signing books and CD's so I jumped at the chance to meet her. She was so sweet and I just love her Austrailian accent. :) Here's me, Rebecca and her brothers. Oh and her brothers are getting into the singing business too! They are called Joel & Luke and they are sooooo good!!! Visit their Myspace page here and listen to some of their songs. You will love their music!!

In my book she signed her name and below it she wrote (Tim 4:12). As soon as I got home I looked up the verse and here's what it says. "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." I love it. :)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that she was in a movie!! It's called Sarah's Choice. They showed the trailer for it at the concert and it brought tears to my eyes. Click here to see the trailer. Here's the synosis from IMDb:

Sarah Collins is considering an abortion. Before she makes her final decision, she is presented with three visions causing her to think about the impact on her future.

Sorry if this post was a bit all over the place. LOL I hope y'all have a fantastic day!!


  1. Aw, I wanna go to a SHE event!!! I was going through a rough time for a little while in high school, and my cousin had the book ordered and sent to my home- still flip through it for inspiration!

  2. i really like RSJ!!!

    also i'm sending you an email =)

  3. ok...can't find your email adrress!! ha!

    i have some questions about starting a cupcake business...

  4. Your cupcakes look so good! I would love to try them once! My favourites are the monogrammed lemonade Cupcakes topped with sugar crystals and a pink vanilla buttercream vou made for a wedding. They look wonderful!

  5. Oh girl we all have those weeks when it's just crazy! Glad to see you back blogging. I liked your page yesterday. So glad to see it up and running!

  6. Such a nice verse. Your cupcakes are look amazing. I am so jealous! Also, just followed you on Twitter!

  7. I'm so sorry about all the problems at work! Work can stress me out like none other sometimes!!! Sounds like you had a great time at the SHE event. I am going to the Beth Moore telecast at my church next month and I can't wait!

  8. Thanks for sharing girl! checking SHE out right now!

  9. Hmmm... gonna have to check out the SHE thing! Looks interesting! And loving the facebook page! Gonna go 'like' it!

  10. Sweetie, I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Sometimes life gets so crazy and I wonder where it goes. It happens all the time with my blog, I try to post everyday and before I know it, I haven't posted for 4... Ugghhh! I need more time!! :-)

    Hope you're having a great week darling! xo

  11. That sounds like an amazing event! I'm sorry to hear about your stressful work situation! How weird that she just stopped coming in. Good thing you're figuring it out. Hope your week gets better/less stressful.


  12. Amy,

    Yes, I have zero time to do all the things I would love to do as well. I love that your new cupcake blog is in progress! The photos you've captured are amazing!

    xo M

  13. Glad to see a post from you girl! Good luck getting everything sorted out! Hope work and all gets less stressful soon! Take care!

  14. I think I have heard about that conference before. It sounds fantastic!

  15. I'm totally behind on the blogging, too, sorry for the lack of comments! Both boys (kid and husband) have been at home this week so we've been doing family stuff every day and instead of the kid dropping off to sleep, it's ME - going to bed at 9pm, exhausted!