Tuesday, August 10, 2010

June/July Favorites

I just realized I skipped June! A tragedy...I know. I'll just have to combine June and July's faves together. They have both been super hot and I don't think August is going to be much better. I am already hoping for Fall!!!! Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. This Fall is going to be especially spectacular because we are in the process of putting a hot tub on our screened in porch. Can you just imagine?? Chilly Fall air, my husband and I in the hot tub with a glass of wine. Well you don't have to imagine that...LOL But I'm telling you it's going to be great. Anyway, here's my favorite things from June and July!

Persons Unknown

Please tell me someone else is watching this show!!!! I am OBSESSED!!!!!! When I first started watching it I thought it was a bit weird. Well, it's still weird. But I like it!! If you haven't heard of it, click here to read about it! It's awesome!!!!! I'm even starting to develop a bit of a crush on Joe!!!

Fresh fruits and vegetables

I have tried to start cleaning up my diet a little bit by not eating so much processed food and/or HFCS. I started eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies with meals and an apple or pear for snack. It makes me feel good to eat natural food straight from the source!

Burt's Bees Medicated Lip Balm with Clove Oil

LOVE this stuff!!!!!! I've been using it for years but it always comes in most handy during the summer or winter months. I love the smell of the clove oil and it makes my lips super soft without leaving any residue around the edges. What I love most about Burt's Bees products is that they are made from natural ingredients. Their lip balms contain no petroleums and only use the natural colours found in the natural ingredients used in the product.

Forever 21's 5 pocket Denim Shorts

These are some of the best shorts I've ever owned!!! They are the perfect length, the perfect color and they fit great! They are also super comfortable. Oh and they were only $10.50! It doesn't get any better than that!

Gone with the Wind

I just finished reading Gone with the Wind last week. I am surprised I didn't read it a long time ago!! It was amazing!!! I got pulled right into the the time period and wanted to be dressing up and going dancing! I also learned a lot of history and a lot about the South. If you've never read it, I really really recommend it. You will love it!! Now I'm excited to watch the movie so I can see all of the characters come to life. :)

MAC Painterly Paint Pot

LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!!!! It is a cream eyeshadow base and it is amazing. It smooths out your eyelid and makes it look perfect. You can wear it just like that and it makes you look wide awake and healthy. Or you can put eyeshadow on top. It makes the colors really pop and keeps my eyeshadow on all day! I tend to get oily eyelids during the day but this stuff doesn't get oily or budge all day. If you don't have a favorite eyeshadow base yet, GO GET THIS! You will thank me. :)

What are some of y'alls favorite things from this summer??


  1. Aw, yay for Gone with the Wind! I always love it when new fans are born ;) Have you seen the movie yet? They did an amazing job transferring it from page to screen.

    Hmm... my favorite find lately is a pair of black Guess shorts. They fit perfectly--I wish I'd gotten the brown ones too! And I also just started watching Nip/Tuck. It's so gross, but I love it, haha!

  2. I love the yummy fresh fruit during the summer; I always eNd up making a ton of pies. (Apart from tomatoes, that is; just the thought of them makes me want to gag. How weird am I?)

  3. Hot tub? What!?!?! That's going to be so great!

    Umm...is this MAC eye shadow base paraben free ma'am? :)

  4. I have those shorts and I love them too! They are so comfy! I haven't ever heard of Persons Unknown! What is it about?

  5. you, miss belle, are definitely at the top of my list of favorite things! hope you're having a wonderful summer, as it sadly is coming to a close sooner than i'd like for it to.....happy tuesday! xoxo

  6. Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie of all time!!! You're going to love it! :)

  7. I totally jumped on the fruit and veggie bandwagon this summer and it makes you feel so goooood! i'm checking out those shorts asap. I made my own and now they are bit over fraying haha

  8. I love that we share a July favorite with fresh fruits and veggies! It really is a great feeling, isn't it? And I agree about Painterly....most MAC doesn't work on me but I like Painterly because it's not shimmery. Happy Tuesday, hun!

  9. I love Burt's Bees! Such an amazing company.
    Enjoy your new hot tub, that sounds soooo wonderful!

  10. Ha! I thought I was the only one watching "Persons Unknown"!!! I'm pretty sure it's going to get canceled, but I'm still enjoying it while I can. (Joe is pretty crush-worthy...)

  11. I am all over the burts bees and mac pot. I have not tried either but I see them in my future!

  12. We are obsessed with Persons Unknown. Such a great show!

  13. I'm also obsessed with my Forever 21 denim shorts and that Mac eyeshadow base! I've never heard of Persons Unknown, but I'll have to look for it and set my dvr.


  14. love when you do your monthly favorites list! That is beyond awesome that you’re getting a hot tub. That will be a little slice of heaven in the fall. I agree that it really is the best season.

    I haven’t been watching Persons Unknown, but I’ve heard of it. I should stop watching so much reality TV ;) You’re reminding me that a trip to the produce store is in order. I could go for some fresh fruits and veggies right about now.

    The Burt’s Bees lip balms sounds great. My lips get so dry in the summer.

    I’ve never read Gone With the Wind or seen the movie. I guess I should considering that it’s a classic.

    I have had MAC Paniterly Paint Pot on my list for awhile now and just need to get it. It sounds like a great base and something I would use everyday.

  15. Oh wow, I may just have to try that MAC product!! I have not read Gone With the Wind but saw the movie for the second time this past weekend and loved it!! Beware though, it is a tad long ;)

  16. I have never heard of that show!!! Sounds pretty friggin cool! I LOVE Burt's Bees too!

  17. I'll be doing a MAC giveaway in the next couple of days!! :o)

  18. F21 jean shorts? I'll take 'em!! Heck, I'll take anything from that store! Yeah, I know it's cheap stuff there but can't go wrong with a $10 pair of jean shorts!! You can get 5 pairs at that price!