Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sue Devitt foundation update PLUS new Clinique obsessions!

Good morning sweet friends! I hope you are all doing well today! About 2 weeks ago I did a post on Sue Devitt's Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation. If you didn't catch that post, click HERE to check it out first.

The foundation sounded very promising considering it was oil free and made with natural ingredients. When I tried it on my hand it was very smooth and seemed to even out my skin beautifully. I tried it on my face a couple of days later and I wasn't extremely impressed. It wasn't a bad foundation by any means and depending on your skin type, you may love it! Here's why I didn't like it. I am very acne-prone with some acne scarring and discoloration. This foundation is very light which I love but it was too light to really cover these imperfections. It glides on very smooth and feels airy on my face which is a huge plus but I'm all about a light yet full coverage foundation that makes my skin look airbrushed.

The most airbrushed I have ever gotten my skin with a foundation was either Estee Lauder Double Wear or Revlon Photo Ready. The problem with these foundations is that they are heavy and they clog my pores and cause acne breakouts. Boo!

I decided to return the Sue Devitt foundation after wearing it for about a week and a half. It felt great on my skin but just wasn't giving me the coverage that I long for. Here is where we cue Clinique!

I have a love/hate relationship with Clinique. I love their fragrances, free gifts, gel makeup remover, and moisturizer. I hate their skin care! I have tried the 3 step and the Acne Solutions and I hated both. They just aren't for my skin I suppose. I was skeptical when I read about Clinique's new Acne Solutions foundation on a fellow blogger's post. Check her out at http://alpha-blonde.blogspot.com/.

She claimed it was wonderful and light and full coverage and oil free and non pore clogging. Well, that got me interested of course! I decided to stop by the mall after work and have the lady at the Clinique counter put it on me and I would decide for myself. Well...I am officially obsessed with this foundation now!! It is soooooo very light and airy but yet it covers extremely well. I don't even have to use a concealer which is absolutely CRAZY for me because I always need a concealer. Also, it dries matte and just looks so beautiful. I am wearing it in this picture where I dressed up as Cher.

While I was in the chair at the Clinique counter, the lady wanted to do a complete makeup application and of course I didn't mind! She wanted to try out all their new products and all of her favorite ones. I was able to try quite a few things but there is one other thing that I absolutely fell in love with. Their bronzer. It's called Almost Bronzer and the shade I love is the 01 Light/Medium. It has 2 colors side by side that you can use seperately or together. I use them together and it is such a beautiful bronzey brown color that goes just fine with my light skin. It makes me look like I just got back from the beach. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

If ya'll have been looking for a great light on your face but full coverage foundation that won't clog your pores or a new bronzer, you have to try these out!! Let me know how you like them!

**I paid for all of the products mentioned in this post with my own money and I am not affiliated with Clinique or Sue Devitt in any way.**


  1. Sorry the other foundations haven't worked out for you, but am so glad you finally found one that works! I don't wear foundation yet, so I'm afraid I'm not much help.

    Isn't it lovely to get made up sometimes? I always end up walking out with way more make-up than I planned on buying though. :) But that's okay, I love it all!

  2. I didn't like Sue Devitt when I tried it either--it actually felt watery to me, and was difficult to apply without it looking streaky. I've been using Neutrogena's foundation for acne-prone skin and am really happy with it--I'm actually the least broken out right now than I've been in years.

    I am always curious to try new products, so I'll probably check out Clinique at some point too.

  3. It's a pain to find the exact right foundation for your skin, isn't it? When I find one that I really like I tend to stick with it forever! I might well give the Clinique counter a visit this weekend.

  4. I left you an award on my blog!

  5. I'm definitely up for trying out the bronzer!

  6. So glad you found just the right one! I have the bronzer too and I am IN LOVE with it!! I don't even have to wear blush anymore. Hope your having a wonderful day! xoxo

  7. heyy girly!! Just came across your blog and I absolutely adore it! You now have a new follower! I definitely need a new bronzer!


  8. I love the pics from your sisters going away party...:))) I wanna come over and hang out with you and eat those famous cupcakes:))))))))

  9. It sounds like we share the same skin! I will definitely try out the Clinique, your skin looks flawless in that picture!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. So glad to have found you and your blog!
    Have a great week!

  10. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear . I love the coverage, and the over all look. For me, I don't have too many breakouts. Only once in a while, but the Clinique foundation looks fab on you!

  11. you cant clearly say yellow tone for yellow tones and pink is for pink undertones. There are MANY exceptions. People dont pick it out that way. There are even people who get into arguments at makeup counters because they are a cool and someone insisted they were a warm.
    Alot of times darker toned women like African American/carribean women have to mix more than one foundation ,everyone on earth is different
    After years of being a makeup artist. The rule stands true. There are no rules to makeup, only rules of thumb. Nothing called "too anything".I disagree with telling anyone how to wear their foundation/blush/powder/eyeliner/eyeshadow. Makeup is subjective. Everyone has their own makeup style. Many light people tend to go light/lighter or mix it with a luminzer to make themselves brighter/radiant/porcelin like. A great example of this would be dita von teese, who even stays out the sun to maintain her light skintone and wears light foundation. Others prefer to be dark/darker and darken in the sun or use bronzer all over their skintone. Different people have different preferences. If I spelled "Horse" "Howrse" than there is no "ifs" "and" or "buts" because grammar isnt subjective. What is wrong is wrong!However. Makeup is subjective. I hate nude lips. Does that mean its right to say "dont wear nude lips" ? No.
    I might not like it but someone else might. There is no rule to makeup. Thats the beauty of being a makeup artist. There are soo many different styles.
    I hate bronzer. But maybe there is someone who loves that deep bronzed look. I cant go to them and say "dont go soo deep in the bronzer" and say its "constructive". There are soo many different styles.who is anyone to tell someone theyre wearing a too light or too dark foundation, because there is no such thing. Nicole and Sam from pixiwoo(huge makeupartists in Britain) sometimes wear paler or darker foundation and it looks gorgeous! as long as people blend it to the neck its fine....some people prefer to look bright and radiant.