Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Favorites

Well, another month is almost over. Time sure flies when you're enjoying the weather huh?? Actually I'm not enjoying the weather so much this morning. It's cold!! Anyway, since April is coming to a close in a couple of days, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things from this month! Here they are in no particular order.

1. Avon Glazewear lip gloss - This is one of the best lip glosses I have found. It isn't sticky AT ALL. It glides on nice and smooth and the colors are beautiful. My favorite is Darling Pink. It's a cute girly pink shade that would look nice on any skin tone.

2. Kashi TLC Raspberry Chocolate bars - Yummmmmmmy! I am craving them now just talking about them. They are naturally sweetened with only 120 calories and 3 grams of fat per bar. They are so delicious and such a great little snack.

3. Victoria's Secret Girls' Night Sheer Fragrance Mist - It has hints of pink peony and waterlily. It smells absolutely amazing!! The only gripe I have about it is that it doesn't last very long. I like to be able to smell it all day!

4. Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation and Clinique Almost Bronzer - I am still very much in love with these two products and wear them every day. If you missed my post on them, click HERE!

5. Lady Antebellum's Need You Now Album - I debated on buying this album because I was afraid that the singles would be the only good songs on it. Boy was I wrong! It took a couple of times listening to the CD but now I am officially obsessed! I love every song on it and even after listening to it every day for the last couple of weeks, I am not tired of it one bit!!

6. Forever 21 Grey Vest - Please excuse my crappy picture. I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere on Forever 21's site or Google. Don't you hate when that happens?? It's super comfortable and I want to wear it with everything!!

What are some of ya'lls favorite things from April??


  1. lady antebellum is playing live at the west va state fair in august and i'm road-tripping with some gal pals to go see them. they are wonderful!

  2. Well... my favorite thing is my birthday! LOL I am right their with ya on the Glazewear!!! In the next get entered to win a vehicle for every tube you buy!!! YAY!!! I hope one of us wins!!! I also love me some Lady A. And...I hat when a fragrance wears out too! Girlie...I am beginning to think we are related!!!

  3. Those Chocolate Raspberry bars sound pretty amazing! Right now my fav thing is White Chocolate Mocha Misto...I should do an April favorites post, I'll keep you posted, aaahaha! the humor! Sorry, it's early!

  4. Girl, I am right there with you on the clinique bronzer. Love that stuff! Hope your having a great Wednesday! xoxo

  5. i'm loving my "charged up cherry" OPI nail polish, always a favorite in the spring, and i'm loving these light weight scarves, bc once summer gets here it is going to be too hot to enjoy wearing them, but they really add to an outfit and are great a great accessory to have to spice up any outfit!!

  6. Those bars look really good, I may have to try them! Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!

  7. Gosh, I really like Lady Antebellum, but haven't downloaded their album yet. Gotta do this. I'll have to check out the clinque, my face could use a pinch of color.

  8. Okay, I am going to buy the Avon lipgloss, it had better not be sticky, or me and my curly fly away hair are going to send you mean voodoo curses that include two pounds per thigh, on the day you wear your bathing suit next.
    Just kidding, maybe flappy skin under your arms is all.

  9. The weather finally getting prettier is definitely my favorite thing of April. Love your favorites. Need to try that Kashi bar sometime.

    As for photos, I'd love to post them, but I didn't have a digital camera then, so they're all hard copies. Maybe I'll scan some, someday. :)

  10. I love your list! Those Kashi bars are delish. I'll try to send some FL sunshine and warmth your way!

  11. I SO need to pick up that CD!

  12. I love that CD too! It is so good. I am your newest follower and can't wait to see future posts!


  13. Thanks for all the fun finds! Love your blog!

  14. April - Bon Jovi Concert! Girl!!!!
    My Iris' are blooming - that is my favorie part of April - purple and white!
    I can't beleive the month is gone too. Wow, now for May!

  15. Love this post and I always like reading about people’s favorite things. It gives me a good idea of what I should be checking out!

    My friend sells Avon and I might need to try that lipgloss. It sounds great and I know Avon is super affordable. I definitely want to try those TLC bars. I’m always looking to add some new, healthy snacks to the mix.

    The new VS scents are nice and Girls’ Night was one of my favorites too. I also liked the Island one that smells like sugar and coconut.

    I didn’t know that Clinique made an Acne Solutions Foundation. I’ve been using their superfit makeup (because I’m oily) and I’m prone to breakouts (at least once a month ;) I will have to try this!

    Now I need to get the Lady Antebellum CD too. I really like their sound.

    That vest looks super cute on you!