Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blush Secrets (Part One)

Wearing the right shade of blush and applying it correctly for your face shape can give you a healthy looking flush and slim your face! Most women think there is one way to apply blush and they just use any old color that they think is pretty. I'm going to give ya'll some tips I found in the latest Women's Health magazine on wearing your blush the right way so you can illuminate your skin and bring out your beautiful eyes!

Use your eye color as a guide to choosing the right shade of blush.

Blue Eyes

Good choice: Peaches and icy pinks will draw attention to light colored eyes.
Bad choice: Plum. Instead of enhancing your eyes, it will minimize them.

TRY Bare Minerals Blush in Vintage Peach.

Green Eyes

Good choice: Any shade of pink will make your eyes appear greener and more striking.
Bad choice: Deep plums will neutralize the yellow flecks.

TRY NYX Powder Blush in Pinky.

Brown Eyes

Good choice: Berry hues will make your brown eyes pop.
Bad choice: Neutrals or browns will leave you looking drab.

TRY MAC Liberty of London Powder Blush in Dirty Plum.

Hazel Eyes

Good choice: Mauve will play up the combination of green and amber.
Bad choice: Orangey pinks will dull the base color of gray in hazel.

TRY Loreal Feel Naturale Powder Blush in Marvelous Mauve.

In Part Two, I will show you the correct way to apply blush for your face shape! Now get on out there and get the right shade of blush and watch it do wonders for your complexion. :)


  1. Love your blush ideas! I'm so bad because I've used the same Bobbi Brown color FOREVER, and it finally got discontinued, so now I wear a MAC color that's almost the same. Very peachy!

    As for the was a surprise and we were on the battery, right near the water. So beautiful, sunset and all! Couldn't have asked for a better way! :)

  2. Oh love these colors! I'm hazel- so I will have to try the Loreal! And thank you for the John Frieda's suggestion- definitely going to try that out too! xoxo

  3. Great post girl! I have one "green-blue" eye and one "green-blue" {I know crazy, right?} Thanks for the tips! xoxo

  4. well...isn't this just the most useful tip ever?! thanks, girl!! i gave you an "i love your blog" award too!! so it's fun to see your answers!

  5. I love getting makeup tips! And that is my ABSOLUTE favorite Tiffany song - "I think we're alone now..." ;)