Friday, April 16, 2010

Meet Ollie

Meet Ollie! Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen? She is a labrador retriever mixed with a basenji.

Basenjis come from Africa, don't bark and can climb trees. Ollie barks but VERY rarely. Only when someone knocks or rings the doorbell and at balloons. She hates balloons. She doesn't climb trees either. I've never seen her climb one anyway!


I adopted her from Petsmart in 2005. Here she is as a little pup!

Her mother was pregnant with her and her brother when she was rescued from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She wasn't born until she came to NC but interestingly (is that a word?) she is deathly afraid of water. She won't go near lakes or creeks and like any dog, she hates baths! She was a Christmas present to my boyfriend (now my husband) and we have loved her like crazy since the first day we saw her. She is the sweetest, smartest dog I have ever met!! She knows when you are sick or upset and she will do her best to make you feel better. She can learn a new trick in one afternoon. She does have faults though. She chooses not to learn the Stay command. She always has to be on a leash or she will run at 90mph into the street. She has actually hit a car once. I have never been so freaked out in my life. She always comes back but not before she scares the daylights out of us!! We love her so much and we don't know what we would ever do without her. She is just like a child to us. I love you Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!

I'd love to hear about ya'lls pets!!!


  1. Ollie is adorable! I had never heard of Basenjis before, they are cute little things!
    (Actually, are they little, the one in the pic looks fairly big)

    I have two mad mutts, I take about them in my blogs, but I haven't written an entire blog about either of them yet. I thik I'll do that this weekend!

  2. ollie is a cutie!!! i need to do a post about my precious maltese, magnolia! i love that she was a Christmas gift -- i've always wanted a puppy in my stocking! and what a great story of where she came from!

  3. She is adorable! Want to give her a squeeze right now. :) And I love her name too!

    May have to try Purpose, it's definitely a lot cheaper than my Aveda addiction.

    I agree on the necklace, even if that one row of black pearls was a lighter color, I think it would be a little better.

    Cannot believe she had that much hair at birth! Wow!

  4. So adorable! You should be a proud mama! :)

  5. Nothing to do with your post, but I gave in and did it: I'm here!!

  6. What a sweet story and she's too cute! Dogs really are man's best friend, aren't they? I don't have any pets. I'd love to have a dog, but I live in an apartment (no yard) and my husband and I are both gone all day. So I'm waiting it out until we have a yard. Ollie sounds like the perfect pet!

    Happy Friday! xo

  7. You have a good heart! They are rally cute!

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  11. She's a cutie! My dog is my baby :)

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