Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Every generation needs a new revolution.

Have ya'll heard Miranda Lambert's new CD Revolution yet? If not, you MUST go buy it right this second. It is an AWESOME CD!!! There are not many CD's that I buy and end up liking every single song...but this is one of 'em! I was a bit disappointed yesterday because I heard my FAVE-O-RITE song from this CD (The House That Built Me) on the RADIO!!!!!! I mean she definitely deserves it...but I liked to think I was keeping it to myself! Do ya'll ever get like that when they end up releasing your favorite song? You just know that now everyone is going to love it and it's going to be completely played out on the radio. boo.

Click HERE to listen to clips from the songs. I promise you'll love them. After you're done listening, tell me your favorite CD of the moment!!! Has anyone gotten the new Lady Antebellum yet? I'm loving their new song "American Honey". I wonder if the rest of the album is just as good? Stay sweet guys!

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