Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what i'm loving wednesday!

Good morning!!! I hope y'all are doing well this morning. We are halfway through the week!! :) Today I thought I'd join this kind of love with her "what i'm loving wednesday" post!

I'm loving that the fair is in town and we are headed out there this weekend!! The sounds, the smells, the food...I just love everything about the fair!

I'm loving this haircolor for Fall!! I wonder how it would look on me though...?

I'm loving that I just got hired to make princess cupcakes for a 5 year old's birthday party!! I haven't completely decided on the design yet but I've got about a million ideas!

I'm loving that my fantasy football team won week 1!!! Woohoo!!! You know the dude I beat is like "Did I really just lose to The Carolina Cupcakes...?" Hahaha!

I'm loving camel peacoats...


Burberry scarves...

cowgirl boots with leggings...

I'm loving these hairstyles...

{all pictures from here}

What are y'all loving today?


  1. Yes yes yes! Camel peacoats and Burberry scarves, absolutely perfect for fall!! :) Love those hairstyles you chose too, especially Jessica Alba - I'd LOVE to get my hair to have that kind of volume!! xxoxo Have a great day sweetie!

  2. I love that red haircolor too. I think it would look good on you! I'm a brunette myself and I've wanted to try red for a while. I'll do it if you will! :)

  3. Congrats on getting hired to make some cupcakes for a birthday party. That's awesome. You'll have to show us what you make. :)

    I'm loving tall boots, designer jeans, and beanie hats. I love the transition from summer to fall. It's such a fabulous time of the year. Not too hot, not too cold.

    Have fun at the fair. It's fun to people watch and pig-out.

    Wishing you a great Wednesday.

  4. love this post! :) and I def wanna see the finished product for those cupcakes! Happy Wednesday girl!

  5. Ooo that's so adorable that you get to design princess cupcakes!! I wish my town had fairs. That would be awesome! I definitely need a blazier for fall & some cowboy boots! I'm loving apple cider these days. I can't get enough of it! =)

    Have a sweet day lady!

  6. Great pics! I'm loving that the weekend is almost here! Yay, you're going to have so many great photos to post on your cupcake blog soon! ;)

  7. i think red would look really good on you....and yay for the carolina cupcakes! i told you, the guys in your league will be shaking in their boots (and embarrassed to admit who beat them!). so can i wear leggings with cowgirl boots? i love that look but i haven't rocked it yet. maybe i'll give it a try!

  8. I am LOVING everything you love! Have a great day! xoxo.

  9. Thanks for playing along! I'm loving those jackets, scarves, and boots too :)

  10. loving the hairstyles and camel these days too!

    so excited you are doing cupcakes for a princess party. i have to do a yo gabba gabba cake this weekend! nervous.

  11. Oh I DO love the cowboy boots with cute!!

  12. Love Kellie Pickler's hair, and all of your clothing choices- thank goodness we finally get to wear some cute fall stuff!

  13. I'm loving...

    1. that we are finally getting into our busy season at work so my work day goes by so much faster.

    2. The band of heathens- i know their name is kinda weird but there's a story behind it and they are awesome... in fact I think i will show them on my blog later today so you can see for yourself. i'm going to their show TONIGHT! WOOP!

    3. that this week is cooling off a tiny bit- maybe, just maybe, i will actually get to wear cowboy boots with leggings!! and peacoats and blazers

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  16. Congrats on the cupcakes...sweet!! I think that hair color would look TOTALLY FABULOUS on you, you should really give it a try!!!
    And....I just added you to my Twitter:)

    Have a fabulous day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  17. I love all that same stuff and I love that I am going to Myrtle Beach next week! YAY
    My new hair love is the Joico Moisture Therapy line ...
    My hair is kinda close to that color - last Saturday I mixed Natural Instincts Amber Shimmer and Golden Mahongany and I was pretty pleased.

  18. YAY for cupcakes!! You have great fall taste!! :o)

  19. Cowgirl boots with leggings, carmel peacoats, and those sassy cute hairstyles- LOVE THEM!!! Plus, I think you could totally carry off that pretty hair color :)

    Hi, I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday!
    Hope you can stop over and say hi :)

    Happy Wednesday,
    Shopper Gal

  20. Hi! I am hopping over to follow you from the Moms Review 4 You Wednesday blog hop.
    I think you just sold me on cowgirl boots. (c: You should totally try that haircolor. You can always go back.

    Happy Wednesday!

  21. That's so great about the cupcakes! I hope you post pictures :) I want to see!

  22. Hi There! I hopped onto your blog from Moms Review 4 You blog hop! I am your newest follower, (I'm from NC too) and love making and decorating cakes for my "cupcakes" (aka my 4 children). I love your decorated cupcakes! Come by and check out my "Cakes" on my homepage :)
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  23. Love your style!!!

    New follower from Moms Review for you blog hop!!

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  24. Amy,

    I love everything that has to do with fairs too! I really want to go to a carnival soon. I also love Jessica Alba's hair all the time. It is so stunning.

    xo M

  25. I'm loving everything you just listed - especially kicking some fantasy football butt!

  26. loving camel anything! And lucky you, making princess cupcakes :)

  27. I love a lot of those things too! I am loving boots, jackets, and hot tea/coffee right now for fall!

    I just found your blog from one of the Wednesday blog hops. Have a great night!

  28. love your blog!! i found you through the lovely meg o! I'll definitely be following your adventures!! :)

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  30. I'm a first time commenter and I adore your blog and all your clever cupcakes! I was also curious as to where the fair is at I live in NC also!

  31. How wonderful!!! You must make some great cupcakes.

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  32. Great list! Have so much fun at the fair. Love that peacoat!

  33. I love a good fair or carnival. Funnel cake is a must have for me at those events ;)

    That haircolor is really pretty. I wonder if you could get some highlights similar to it to see how it holds up.

    I love the name of your FF team. I debated getting in on Geof’s league this year, but decided against it. Maybe next time.

    Love the camel peacoat and I have that Burberry scarf. It is one of my favorite accessories!

  34. Peacoats, blazers, boots, and Burberry scarves for fall - yes please! I am FINALLY catching up in blogland, so lots of comments to come from me, doll! XO

  35. Haha "Carolina Cupcakes" for your fantasy football team name... LOVE IT!!!!! I bet those boys are so mad you beat them. ANd I wish the fair was in town here.

  36. I am LOVING this post! One of the best ever! I am your newest follower :) Looking forward to reading more! I too, love leggings with cowgirl boots, pea coats and ALL of those hair styles.

    -Marci :)

  37. That warm strawberry hair color would look perfect with a camel pea coat!