Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Hay" Fever

Good morning!!!!! I hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend!!! We had so much fun in Asheville and at the Lady Antebellum concert!!! I'll share some pictures tomorrow. Today I thought I'd share what I can't get off my mind. :)

"I love Fall! Fall is exciting.

It's apples and cider.

It's an airborne spider.

It's pumpkins in bins.

It's burrs on dog's chins.

It's wind blowing leaves.

It's chilly red knees.

It's nuts on the ground.

It's a crisp dry sound.

It's green leaves turning

And the smell of them burning.

It's clouds in the sky.

It's Fall. That's why...

I love Fall."

- Author Unknown

Happy Fall y'all!!!

pictures here and here


  1. Fall is a fun change in weather, apple pies, and beautiful colors!! Hi, I'm your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop!
    Hope you can stop in to say hi!
    Happy Tuesday :)

    Shopper Gal

  2. couldn't have said it better myself! :)

  3. I've spent the past few years dreading the Pacific Northwest dreariness that sets in in September, so I can't wait for an awesome Southern Fall!!

  4. I am looking forward to fall! September 22nd can't come soon enough for me!

  5. I am so spoiled living in Boston, especially at this time of the year. Fall just has to be my favorite season.

  6. I love all the fall pictures. I'm so excited to be entering my favorite season of the year.

    Now following you from the TTT Tuesday Blog Hop.

  7. Great blog. I'm super excited for fall, and very jealous that you go to go to the Lady Antebellum concert. I love them. Stopping by from Tuesday Blog Hop.


  8. I broke out the fall decorations this weekend and burned my fall candles. So excited!

    Also, I'm going to need a tutorial on how you pipe icing on cupcakes so beautifully. I tried to make some cupcakes this weekend and they were so ugly!

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  10. I am right there with you girl! I am going to decorate this weekend for fall, even though it's still 90 degrees here!

  11. Hi; great Blog, I'm coming over from Tuesday Blog and are following you on GFC now; would love for you to visit me over at
    happy Monday

  12. Yay I'm so excited!!!

  13. So glad you had a great weekend! I can't wait to see pictures from the concert. I have Fall on my mind today too. I'm longing for cozying up with hot chocolate and watching movies, carving pumpkins, getting ready for the holidays, etc.


  14. Cute blog! I am your newest follower through To-the-TOP Tuesday Blog Hop! Would love a follow back at:


  15. Hello! I'm a new follower! Cute blog! I love early fall!

  16. I wish we'd experience some more Fall like temps. The weather WAS terrific this weekend but now it's hotter than heck down here again! I'm ready for Fall too! I've already got GG's Halloween outfit, or one of them I should say! I just love the smell of Fall pumpkin candles, ohhhh and pumpkin pie, and apple cinnamon....I could go on and on! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  17. I'm your newest follower from Tuesday blog hops! :)

    Love the pics, such gorgeous colors.

  18. Your fall pictures really just got me overly excited about the upcoming season!!

  19. These pictures make me miss Fall so much...it's always been my favorite season!

  20. hey, stop by my blog today, I tagged you :)

  21. there you are, sweetness! i have missed you!

  22. This post definitely got me in the mood for fall! xoxo

  23. Gorgeous photos! Hopefully I'll get back east one day so I can check out the changing of the seasons.

  24. I can't wait for all these fall things...pumpkins, leaves changing colors...
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  25. This says it all, this is how I have been feeling for days! Warm roast beef on a Sunday with a football game in the background....pretty warm cardigans and scarves, my Uggs, oh how I love my Uggs! Just wanted to say Hi! Stop by when you have a chance! Southern-Princess1.blogspot.com

  26. I wouldn't mind it being fall all year round! I just found your blog and I think I'm your newest follower :)

  27. Hey Yall,
    I'm following you and hope you will come on over and follow me!
    Love the beautiful fall pictures! Cute blog too!

  28. I want that croissant. Right now. :)

  29. Isn't it such a lovely time of year? With the wedding and honeymoon gone, I am finally accepting the fact that summer has come to an end and am excited for fall. Three cheers for fall!