Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awards galore!

Awards are circulating again and I have been meaning to get these on here and pass them out but I've been so lazy. Please forgive me!! I just couldn't wait any longer though so here they are!!

The Sweet Blog Award is from Southern Loves. (Thanks darling!!) Absolutely beautiful girl with a beautiful family and a very sweet, inspirational blog that I enjoy reading every day! Please go visit her when you get the chance. I promise it will just light up your day!

The only rule for this award is to pass it on to 10 sweet blogs! Here they are in no particular order!!

1. Ashley @ Sweet Southern Prep
3. Danielle @ A Day in the Life
6. Jules @ Chic & Pink
9. Shannon @ Webbisodes
10. Marcie @ Lemons and Laundry

You girls have always been so sweet to me and I wanted to thank you with this award! :)

The Versatile Blogger Award is from Juleps & Jon Jons, Southern-Belle-Simple, Life in Dawleywood, and Adventures Abroad. (Thanks girls!!!) I love love love all 4 of these girl's blogs and I hope you will visit them soon!

The rules for this award are to list 7 things about yourself and pass the award along to 7 other blogs. I'll try not to repeat any of the things from this post. Here goes!

1. I am very shy at first but that all changes once I get to know you. :)

2. I have been pondering going to school for teaching. I love kids and I'm good at teaching. I would love to be a teacher one day. I think teaching special needs children would be perfect for me.

3. I wear black too much. I will usually grab the black one of any shirt that I like. I'm trying to kick that habit!

4. I love camping!! Not camper, hook up, bathroom down the street camping. I like to pitch the tent, cook the food over the fire and pee in the woods. Well, to be honest I hate peeing in the woods...but I take the bad with the good. ;)

5. I worry way too much about what others think of me. It causes great stress in my life.

6. I used to collect Trolls! I had all kinds. The naked ones, an astronaut, a football player, a clown...I wonder where those are...?

7. I've never broken a bone! I hope to keep it that way. :)

I'd like to pass this award on to the following lovely ladies!!

6. Hillary @ a gal and her dog

The I Love Your Blog Award is from Jules @ Chic & Pink. (Thank you girl!!) She is so lovely and always leaves the sweetest comments. Go check out her blog!! You won't regret it. :)

The rules for this award is to list 10 things I love and pass the award on to 10 other blogs. Again, I'll try not to repeat any from this post.

1. God
2. Panda Bears
3. Having a great tan :)
4. Pad Thai
5. Cheesecake
6. Wine
7. Cupcakes!!
8. My adorable husband
9. The beach
10. The first chilly feeling of Fall

I'm passing this lovely award on to:

5. KK @ KampKK
7. Jenn @ Be.So.Happy
10. Amy @ Tomorrow's Dust

The Going Places Award is from Shannon @ Webbisodes. (Thanks sweetheart!!!) She is such a beautiful woman with the most precious little girl you have ever seen! Check out her blog!! It will put a huge smile on your face. :)

The rules for this blog are tell us where you want to be in 10 years and pass the award on to your fellow bloggers.

Hmm...10 years. I will be 36. Yikes! I would love to have a few children, God willing, a house on the lake with my sweet husband and a great career doing something I absolutely love. :)

I'd like to pass this award on to:

5. Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

And last but not least Jess over at Polka Dots, Pearls and Pink...Oh My! tagged me!!! I just recently found her blog and I'm so glad I did because I absolutely adore all of her posts! Go check it out!! :)

1. Who is your style icon?  

I have quite a few!! Reese Witherspoon always looks cute and classy. She is also a fellow southern belle!

Kate Hudson always looks so darling!!

Kim Kardashian always rocks her curves so well. :)

2. What is your Socialite Lit book?

I have read quite a few...but I think one of my favorites would have to be The Bombshell Manual of Style by Laren Stover. It is such a cute read with lots of little tidbits on how to bring out the bombshell in you! ;)

3. Favorite Party Theme?

Well, before my last party I would have said beachy, hawaiian luau theme...but I just recently did a Low Country Boil and it was so much fun!!! Everyone had a blast and we want to do another one already!

4. Go-to Halloween Costume?

I don't have one! I love dressing up for Halloween and I've never dressed up the same twice!! I think my favorite costume was last year when I dressed up as a sailor. Please forgive me for looking like such crap. This picture was taken hours after the Backstreet Boys concert!! Also, please excuse my brother in the German outfit....hahaha.

5. Extravagance you can't live without?

Ahh!! There's so many. LOL If I had to choose one it would be handbags!! A brand new Coach bag on my arm just makes my day. :)

6. Living person you admire?

My husband. He has always been there for me no matter what. He accepts me for who I am and he has the most amazing faith of anyone I have ever met. He teaches me so much and I am so thankful that God chose me to send him to. ;)

7. Greatest Fear?

I have a few big fears but I think my biggest fear is losing my husband. I worry about him so much sometimes it hurts. I can't stand when he goes out of town because I am a nervous wreck until he walks back through the door. I am getting better though!

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?

Shyness. I have always been shy but when I was younger it was ridiculous! I wouldn't talk to anyone in school and I regret it because I could have made some really great friends. I got much better when I got my first job and now I am a million times better but still shy when it comes to certain things. It holds me back from doing a lot of things that I'd like to do. I'm working on it though. :)

9. Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be a great singer!! I always sing in the car with the radio and think I sound good but once the radio gets turned down...whoa buddy.

10. Greatest Achievement?

My greatest achievement would be marrying the most amazing man in the world and buying a house together.

Now I'd like to tag whoever hasn't done this tag yet!!! I'd love to hear y'alls answers!! :)

Love you all!! Have a wonderful day guys!!


  1. Love all of your wonderful awards. You definitely deserve them. Thanks for mine! One of my sisters used to collect trolls too. I'm loving that dress Kate Hudson has on in that one pic. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. You are so loved! Congrats on all the awards, and thank you for mine. :)

  3. Congratulations on all you well-deserved awards and thank you so much for passing one on to me, you are too sweet!! I will get on this right away, have a great day!!

  4. Thanks for the award! You really racked up, didn't you? It was fun learning more about you!

  5. Loved learning more about you, and thanks so much for passing the award along, doll! Such fun answers!

  6. Thank you for passing me an award! It's my first one I'm excited! :) I'll have to read the Bombshell Manual too! Looks cute!

  7. Wow, sister, you get around! Kidding. You totally deserve every one of them. Thanks for bestowing the super sweet award to me - boy do I have you fooled (; Have a great day!

  8. you are the sweetest, cutest blogger i know and i think we'd be besties for sure if we ever met in real life! xoxoxoxo-kate a' la southern belle simple

  9. Look at all the fabulous awards you got! You definitely deserve them all! Thanks for the award doll!


  10. Thanks so much sweetie! I am very honored you thought of me! Have a fab Tuesday! I am still slowly going crazy with winding everything down!!!

  11. Thank you for passing me an award!! I have always wanted one! I will get on my tag AND I think that low country boil party sounds AWESOME and yummy too!! Invite me next time! haha

  12. You definitely deserve the awards! You are so fabulous! Thanks for my award and I may do the last tag as well! Hope you had a great day!

  13. Congrats on all of the sweet awards and thanks so much for passing one my way. I really appeciate it. We did a low country boil for our rehearsal dinner. It was amazing. All the food was served "family style."

  14. Oh awesome girl! You deserve them! Thank you for passing one on to me. I wear alot of black too!! That book looks good!! I use to collect trolls too! =) Congrats again! =)

  15. Thanks for the award!! I've just given you the Stiletto Award.. check it out!


  16. Awww thank you for the award! I completely overlooked my own name to read all of your fun answers!! I'll do it tomorrow girl, thanks again!

  17. Hey girl...thank you so much for the award...I wrote a post about it :)))

  18. Awww Dear, you're so sweet!! You so deserve awards! Your blog is by far one of my faves!!

  19. Congrats on all of your well-deserved awards and thank you for the kind words and for passing the Sweet Blog award onto me!

    I’m bad with black too, especially in the winter. I try to add color to my wardrobe in the spring and summer. I remember those troll dolls…LOL! I used to be really bad with what other people thought of me, but I’m getting better. You’re so sweet and gorgeous…don’t let ‘em get to you!

    I love your love list. Just about all of those things are on mine as well. I also like where you want to be in 10 years. That sounds like the good life.

    I picked Reese Witherspoon as my style icon too and how cute are you in that Sailor outfit? Love that! Handbags are definitely my one extravagance item and I do the same thing with singing. Yikes.

    All of the sweet things you said about your husband were so nice. That makes my heart smile :) I hope you have a great day!

  20. Congratulations on all the amazing awards!!! I love hearing more about you. Reese is one of my style icons too! And I also gravitate towards black a little too often, but I'm trying to break the habit. Thank you for my award!!! I appreciate it so much! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)


  21. Hello girlie..thank you for the award! I just posted it on my blog -on the side- when I write about it I'll let you know.

    Hope you are having a fab week!

  22. reese witherspoon looks fantastic always. sienna miller has some great style too.

  23. Look at you and all of you - well deserved - awards! Thank you for thinking of me; I will use this for tomorrow's blog.

  24. Thanks girl! After the crazy week with GG I'm just now catching up on all my emails and comments. Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  25. Thank you sooo much! I was so excited to see you tagged me! :)

  26. Congrats on all your awards!! And thanks for the tag, you're too sweet!